Readings for August 2018

Our next meeting will be held at 7 PM on August 15th at Feed Arts Center, 259 S Schuyler Avenue in Downtown Kankakee.

The readings this month center on what to do about elections, and what sort of party we should build. What does it do? How does an organization committed to revolution, not reform, compete within the framework of a system that is reformist by its very nature? What is the role of the party right here and now? What should be its organizing principles?

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Articles to Discuss

The Ballot and the Break BY ERIC BLANC РMinnesota’s Farmer-Labor Party, the most successful labor party in US history, is rich in lessons for challenging the two-party system.

From Realignment to Reinforcement BY KIM MOODY – Leftists looking to take over the Democratic Party will confront even more roadblocks than in the past.

Revolutionaries, Elections and the Democrats BY TODD CHRETIEN – What Will Build a Revolutionary Socialist Movement?

Supplemental Reading

The U.S. Left in Transition BY JOE ALLEN

The Two Souls of Democratic Socialism BY KIM MOODY

Marxists and Elections BY PAUL D’AMATO

What Do We Do About Elections? BY BRIAN NOE

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